In a room that sees the most heavy-duty use, Integrity Floor Coating can provide an attractive & durable floor that holds up to wear & tear.


Our expert basement floor coating can help you transform your basement into a stylish and comfortable space for the entire family to use!


In a room that sees the most heavy-duty use, Integrity Floor Coating can provide an attractive & durable floor that holds up to wear & tear.


Safety & durability being the top priorities in residential floor coatings, we offer epoxy, polyaspartic and metallic floor coatings.


Whether you need durability or low maintenance, our commercial floor coatings can deliver! We have numerous colors and styles to choose from.

About Us


Integrity Floor Coating is family owned and focuses greatly on always being professional. In every aspect of the job, as well as completing every job at the highest level to make sure they are done with equal quality and excellence.


We are fully licensed and insured to handle both residential and commercial work. Any type of job, any size, we're prepared to take it on.


There are many different color options, in addition to other styles. Whether it's more texture, more color, or metallic. We have many different ways for you to personalize your floor and make it exactly what you want.

5 Reasons To Call Integrity Floor Coating For Epoxy Floor Coating Installation

Hiring professionals is always the way to go. When it comes to installing durable and high-quality floors, having your floors professionally installed is crucial to protect them from wear and tear and ensure long-lasting performance. If you are looking for a top-rated company specializing in commercial flooring solutions services, check out Integrity Floor Coating.

Integrity Floor Coating offers reliable and affordable solutions in Central Ohio for residential and commercial properties. Their professional technicians are experienced and skilled in delivering exceptional service. With Integrity Floor Coating, you get complete protection against water and moisture damage, fire hazards, dirt accumulation, and more.

There are multiple benefits to hiring Integrity Floor Coating experts to install your new floors. They include:

1. They Are Trained and Highly Skilled

To handle commercial projects, their professionals are trained extensively in installing and maintaining different flooring types. They are knowledgeable about the different brands of flooring materials and how to carry out procedures such as removing old tiles or replacing damaged ones.

2. They Are Certified

As a leader in the industry, Integrity Floor Coating adheres to all the standards the business sets. Their employees are licensed and certified by agencies such as the National Council for Interior Design Qualification and the Floor Covering Alliance. This means they operate legally, deliver high-quality services, and work to ensure customer satisfaction by carrying out projects that meet their needs.


3. They Use High-Quality Materials

Integrity Floor Coating works with flooring experts who only install high-quality materials with a one-year warranty against defects in material and installation. The experts apply proper installation techniques to ensure that you get long-lasting results from your new flooring system.

4. They Are Committed to Customer Satisfaction

Integrity Floor Coating is a company that focuses on quality flooring for businesses and service for their clients. As a result of their professionalism, commitment, and experience, they have earned the respect of customers and professionals alike. The professionals provide cost-effective solutions by using materials suited to your requirements and flexible schedule, delivery time and other services you need at different times during the year.

5. They Are Environmentally Friendly

With their advanced knowledge and expertise in materials and installation, Integrity Floor Coating minimizes the waste caused by laying down new flooring in your company or property. This means that there is minimal landfill waste that can harm the environment. The professionals conduct thorough floor surface preparation to get cleaner and smoother floors in your buildings.


Integrity Floor Coating offers top-level installation services that meet customers' needs. The team works with genuine manufacturers who provide high-quality epoxy floor coating products that protect your floors from water damage, dirt accumulation, stains, chemicals and more.

Integrity Floor Coating is a leader in the industry for commercial flooring solutions for businesses. Their experts take care of all aspects, including material specification, delivery time, flexible schedule, and installation and maintenance services, to ensure that you have long-lasting results at a cost-effective price. You will get customized solutions to meet your needs with Integrity Floor Coating professionals.